Jon Muth  is a highly experienced mediator and arbitrator.  But there are many such people that host websites who would be pleased if you retained their services.  Among them, there may be no one right choice for your needs, but there are certainly  better ones.  The very best candidates are often mediators who have proven their mettle over years of mediating hundreds of disputes, often having spent decades litigating similar cases.  The reason they remain actively sought in their field comes down to one word: reputation.

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Earned day to day throughout one's professional life, reputation is ultimately defined by others.  Peers have recognized Jon Muth in many ways: as president of the State Bar of Michigan, as recipient of the highest professional awards by both the State Bar of Michigan and the Grand Rapids Bar Association; and by fellowships in the International Society of Barristers and the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, among others.

Jon  R  Muth

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​Muth ADR specializes in helping parties settle disputes by facilitating reasonable and neutrally mediated dialogue.